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New to community and I'm applying...

-Basic Questions-

Name: Kaida_Melina
Born: 405 Days Ago Today
Created by: suitedaydreamz
Owned by: suitedaydreamz
Species: Lupe
Color: Darigan
Petpet: As of right now, I'm stuck with this darned snowbunny for another 30 days or so, then mother is going to get me a spyder or something similar in color and look

-Neopian Romance-
Are you in a relationship: No, and I prefer it that way....I don't need somebody worrying about me during my occasional battle
Relationship status: Single, not looking
Any kids: Those smelly little things???
Do you live together and where: NA
What's your overall opinion on Neo-dating: For some pets, it's all right, for others, it's just not...
Would you ever find a boyfriend/girlfriend on Neopets: There was once a Peophin, Darigan like myself, that had caught my eye....but alas, one day his owner decided to log off and hasn't logged back on since.
Have you: HUH?!?!?!?

-What's your opinion on-
The trading post: I love it, it enables my owner and I to find really good deals AND be able to buy stuff that is worth more than 100,000 easily! If only more owners would keep track of what they're selling.
The battledome: I like battling...obviously. I'm the only one in the family willing to go up against a mutant draik and never think twice about it.
Dung piles: Should only be thrown at the rudest of Neopians, otherwise, I find them rather distasteful and not worthy of my owner's neopoints
Neoschool: Too bad it didn't work out. My sister, Penelope_Hinto wanted to go very badly. I could claw at TNT for letting it go to waste. What a fine idea down the drain!
The lupe/chia relationship: The WHAT?!?!? Being a Lupe myself, I don't see why ANY respectable Lupe would have a relationship with a CHIA!
Neopets drama: Too much of it, thank goodness my owner is not a famous Neopian. I don't think we would have been able to deal with all the drama people like Jazz get.
Petpets: Though dark and evil looking are not distasteful, I find that they seem to always be plotting against their owner, which is not a good thing to have in a petpet. SO, I would prefer something a bit nicer looking, like a meepit.
Spammers: I find them highly annoying and thank goodness my mother doesn't take me into boards where this is a problem. I would have too many problems controlling my anger if this were to happen. And you do NOT want to see a Darigan Lupe angry!

Book: Lupe Legends
Food: Blumaroo Steak...good thing no one in my family is a steak, lest I would feel guilty every time I bit into its deliciousness
World: The Darigan Citadel...I feel right at home here...
Toy: Black Evil Fuzzle...How could you not like something that would randomly scare someone practically to death when they played with it!?!?
Faerie: The Grey Faerie...she looks so sad that even I would like to give her a nice big hug to make her feel better
Game: Cellblock - my owner only recently discovered the wonderful enjoyment that comes from winning at game of Cellblock
Band: I find all Neopian bands to be incredibly distasteful and not to my liking.

-Random questions-
How long has your owner been playing Neopets: Since April of 2003, 18 months and she's still as active as she was the first few weeks...maybe even more so
Do you have a homepage: Unfortunately no, ever since mother got into college she hasn't been able to spend a ton of time with us. She comes on a few times a day to chat and play some games to boost her till so she can someday complete her omelette gallery
Any neopian enemies: Any one who challenges me to a battle immediately becomes my enemy, so beware...
Ever been in a gay Neopet relationship: Never even been in a normal one, so this doesn't apply to me.
Are you a Neopian slut: No, I find flaunting one's body rather sickening.
Any last thoughts: I'm me, a Darigan Lupe. If you don't like my attitude or preferences, sorry, it sort of comes with being Darigan. You CAN'T be Darigan without being evil...

-Picture of self-
A Picture of Me, Kaida_Melina
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