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'Ello. :)

-Basic Questions-
Name: Bantanox E. Destination
Born: O_o I'm not-a-tellin'.
Created by: thenextdestination
Owned by: thenextdestination...but "housed by" is more of the right term.
Species: Lupe
Color: "Glowing", although I'm more of just a neon green. The Scattering destroyed not only the illustrations, but my incandescent coat.
Petpet: A froiler named Grem.

-Neopian Romance-
Are you in a relationship: Nope, I had a brief one once...but Noxic's dead now. :)
Relationship status: Non-existant
Any kids: Nope! I'm only 21 for coltzan's sake!
Do you live together and where: See above
What's your overall opinion on Neo-dating: You win some, you lose some 
Would you ever find a boyfriend/girlfriend on Neopets: Probably not.
Have you: Nope.

-What's your opinion on-
The trading post: Hardly ever use it. :P 
The battledome: I have no weapons, only for the wars, matey.
Dung piles: Each to their own, I guess. O_o
Neoschool: Long gone, I never entered, I'm just another Neohigh graduate.
The lupe/chia relationship: Eat 'em all, the little furry globs of dough. :D -ahem- I mean, if they get in my way...
Neopets drama: As in people roleplaying with excessive drama? Or as in what I did in neoschool to avoid gym?
Petpets: A froiler is a lupe's best friend.
Spammers: Good with catsup.

Book: The Split Flotsam.
Food: Spammers-I mean, Iceberries and apple neocola
World: Krawk Island, because of the bar-because of the atmosphere.
Toy: Orange Evil Fuzzle. (T3h squishy!)
Faerie: Widget. You wouldn't know her. Family friend. Dark Faerie. Good with electronics. 'Nuff said.
Game: Dice-A-Roo. 
Band: Hmm...tough one. I'll go with Moehawk. Or for RL bands...Green Day.

-Random questions-
How long has your owner been playing Neopets:A good year or two, on varying accounts.
Do you have a homepage: Yeah, but don't bother looking at it. There's nothing there.
Any neopian enemies: -Nods- you don't get many friends with my past...
Ever been in a gay Neopet relationship: No, but I ask...why? O_o
Are you a Neopian slut: No...
Any last thoughts: >:P I am random. Deal with it.

-Picture of self-'s a badly done plushie? :D

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