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Hello all! I just wanted to join and submit my application. ^_^

-Basic Questions-
Name: Illusens_warrior or just Illusen for short.
Born: I was born about 769 days ago, but my Roleplaying age is 21.
Created by: spinalsun
Owned by: Well, she doesn't really 'own' me, but Selena a.k.a illusen_luvr
Species: Anthropomorphic Zafara
Color: Christmas
Petpet: Snow Fluff the Babaa
-Neopian Romance-
Are you in a relationship: No, not looking to be in one either.
Relationship status: Single and happy that way.
Any kids: No, thankfully. It’s hard enough taking care of Kilio.
Do you live together and where: Eh, I live with my Landlady and roommates.
What's your overall opinion on Neo-dating: I don’t care really.
Would you ever find a boyfriend/girlfriend on Neopets: No, I like being single.
Have you: Have I what? *Raises eyebrow*
-What's your opinion on-
The trading post: I stay away from it. Hanging around a bunch of greedy jerks isn’t my kind of ‘fun’.
The battledome: I’m not really much of a fighter, but I have fought there before.
Dung piles: As long as it’s not around me, I’m fine with it.
Neoschool: Err…it’s just a figment of your imagination. Just like the Matrix. =P
The lupe/chia relationship: I’m not going to bother with something that doesn’t concern me. I’m not a lupe or a chia, so why should I care?
Neopets drama: If I wanted drama, I’d watch soap operas.
Petpets: They’re great companions and stuff.
Spammers: Basically I ignore them. Let the report-happy people deal with them.
Book: Any romance novel I can get my hands on, though thrillers are good.
Food: Fire Faerie Pizza.
World: Mystery Island. I love hanging around beaches.
Toy: Heh…I’m too old for toys.
Faerie: I’d have to say Jhudora. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. ‘But your name is Illusens_warrior, blah blah blah.’ Just because I’m named after Illusen, doesn’t mean I can’t like her arch-nemesis.
Game: Hmm…It’s a tie between Faerie Bubbles and Pyramids.
Band: I guess Twisted Roses, but most of the bands from Earth are pretty good.
-Random questions-
How long has your owner been playing Neopets: About three or four years, her first account was hacked and frozen.
Do you have a homepage: Yes.
Any neopian enemies: Not that I know of…
Ever been in a gay Neopet relationship: No, I haven’t actually.
Are you a Neopian slut: Hah! No, no I’m not.
Any last thoughts: Um..No.
-Picture of self-
Putting it in an LJ-cut. This was drawn for me by ladyfire626 on Neopets.

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