Credo (borovan_cupcake) wrote in neopets_nation,

An Application by Etieynne

-Basic Questions-
Name: Etieynne
Born: Yes (hehe)
Created by: Credo (credocola)
Owned by: Credo
Species: Poogle
Color: Faerie
Petpet: Dorette the Pikis

-Neopian Romance-
Are you in a relationship: Nope
Relationship status: None
Any kids: Um, no. I am just a kid myself
Do you live together and where: Not applicable
What's your overall opinion on Neo-dating: Everyone must do as they please if it harms no-one
Would you ever find a boyfriend/girlfriend on Neopets: Maybe
Have you: I did have a boyfriend for a while but he went away *sob*

-What's your opinion on-
The trading post: Jhuidah is so sweet isn’t she?
The battledome: Back off, I’m armed and dangerous. No seriously I have never battled.
Dung piles: They’re okay as long as they are far far away from me.
Neoschool: I attend Miss Prims School for Girls of Well Off Means in faerieland. I will never go to Neoschool though my sister might.
The lupe/chia relationship: Go Chia!!!
Neopets drama: There’s drama? Where? Let me at it!
Petpets: So sweet. I love my little Pikis.
Spammers: Blurgh. I say bury them all in piles of dung. Hahaha!

Book: I don’t read much.
Food: Strawberries!!!!
World: Faerieland (I live there)
Toy: Football that we got last Christmas
Faerie: Fyora of course!
Game: Codebreakers
Band: None. Not a big music lover here though my sister quite likes M*ynci and Yes, Boy Ice Cream

-Random questions-
How long has your owner been playing Neopets: 4 years
Do you have a homepage: Yes
Any neopian enemies: No. Um, maybe. Possibly. Everyone.
Ever been in a gay Neopet relationship: huh? I am happy a lot of the time.
Are you a Neopian slut: what is that? Is it related to sludge?
Any last thoughts: These questions are weird *rolls eys*

-Picture of self-
Steal this image and feel the wrath of Queen Etieynne

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