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Hello. Goodbye.

I am Arin. Do not be alarmed, for I am (not) peaceful. Thank you.
-Basic Questions-
Name: Arin, Arin24_2001 if you feel like getting technicall.
Born:A little over a year ago in Neopian terms, however, I consider myself to be eighteen.
Created by: I dunno, I'm a pound pet!
Owned by: Wowwhony. (Just call her idiot.)
Species: Eyrie, anthro, vampire
Color: Silver.
Petpet: Star Sparkwing, the Christmas Drackonack.

-Neopian Romance-
Are you in a relationship: I am single. Wanna challenge that?
Relationship status: I am single. Understand now?
Any kids: No, and not ever.
Do you live together and where: What... the...???
What's your overall opinion on Neo-dating: I'm too busy. Call me back in a million years and see what I think then.
Would you ever find a boyfriend/girlfriend on Neopets: See above.
Have you: Is the sky brown with orange highlights?

-What's your opinion on-
The trading post: I prefer to steal. I'm a pirate, doncha know.
The battledome: Too many rules. I prefer fighting outside the 'dome.
Dung piles: No comment.
Neoschool: I wish it would happen, but its not gonna.
The lupe/chia relationship: Why should I care? Both are equally tasty... I mean annoying.
Neopets drama: Help! Choking... on... melodrama... that 'nuff for ya?
Petpets: Touch mine and die.
Spammers: They are the midnight snack.

Book:Any and all. I'm not picky.
Food: Anything quick and easy
World: Krawk Island! Or haunted woods. My vampire and pirate heritage call to me equally...
Toy: Fake lord Kass Toy Sword! (But don't tell anyone...)
Faerie: Dark.
Game: This one is a no-brainer. Dubloon Disaster! (Because I basically live it)
Band: Twisted roses rock. End o' story.

-Random questions-
How long has your owner been playing Neopets: Ten months.
Do you have a homepage: It stinks. You don't want to visit it.
Any neopian enemies: Captain Dom Dread. And Count Von Roo. And any pets painted Garlic.
Ever been in a gay Neopet relationship: ----- NO!
Are you a Neopian slut: Is the Jelly World made out of green cheese?
Any last thoughts: Call me cute *indicates picture below* and I shall rip your head off.
-Picture of self-
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